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Purchases and sales by enterprises

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Purchases and sales by enterprises 2020

The purpose of the statistics is to monitor business trends and economic activity in Denmark through information on purchases and sales as reported by firms covered by the Danish VAT system. The statistics contain information on domestic sales, total sales, domestic purchases and total purchases.

Statistical presentation

The statistics Purchases and sales by firms is calculated from firms VAT reports and shows the development in most standard industrial groupings in Denmark. Purchases and sales are calculated for the branches in "Dansk Branchekode DB07".

Covid-19: In March 2020, the calculation for missing values was supplemented with already published figures for e.g. retail turnover and industry production and revenue, as well as new experimental data sources such as companies' electricity consumption.

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Statistical processing

Data are loaded and recalculated to the unit 1000 DKK. Data for missing/expected declarations are imputed. All purchase and sale of a firm is included in the main industry of that firm. Hence purchase and sale not belonging to the main industry of the firm are included in the main industry of that firm. Quarterly and semi-annual data are distributed over the relevant 3 or 6 months. Data on individual firms are aggregates into industries defined in (DB07)[].

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  • Users: government departments, business organizations, private businesses, embassies, researchers, students and other private individuals.
  • Applications: Analysis of business trends, market research, feasibility studies etc.

The primary data are also used by Statistics Denmark as a supplementary source in the compilation of other statistics such as external trade statistics, enterprise statistics, the retail trade index and the national accounts.

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Accuracy and reliability

The statistics are based on the VAT reporting of the firms to Skattestyrelsen, the Danish tax agency, which controls VAT-related purchases and sales. The amounts can be revised three and a half years back, but usually major revisions occur in later periods. The reliability of statistics thus increases as firms update their VAT reports to the Danish tax agency. There are no uncertainty calculations.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics is published ca. 40 days after the reference period ends. The statistics is made public with a very high degree of punctuality.

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From the year 2010 all information in the statistics are comparable over time. The statistics can be compared to general enterprise statistics, account statistics, Interna­tional trade in goods, Production and turnover in manu­facturing industries and Retail trade index. There are differences in definitions regarding these statistics which influence the reported figures. These definitions include which types of sale/turnover which is included and the minimum size of included firms.

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Accessibility and clarity

These statistics are published monthly in a Danish press release, at the same time as the tables are updated in the StatBank, which can be found under Purchases and sales by enterprises. For further information go to subject page.

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