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National Accounts, Economic Statistics
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This statistic is based on national accounts. Therefore this statistic is consistent with respect to national accounts and comparable over time. Moreover this statistic is comparable to other countries productivity figures if they are also based on ESA2010.

Comparability - geographical

Internationally there is a high degree of comparability with the national accounts of other countries because the Danish national accounts are compiled in accordance with the definitions in the European System of National Accounts ESA2010.

For all countries the productivity growth (including the Labor productivity) is based on data from the national accounts. Therefore it is possible to compare productivity figures across borders.

Comparability over time

One of the fundamental goals when compiling national accounts statistics is to achieve a high degree of comparability over time. The statistical sources are therefore adapted in order to be consistent with the concepts of the national accounts. Fundamental changes of nomenclatures as for example classification of industries, changes in definitions as a result of new guidelines as well as new and better sources will inevitably lead to changes in the national accounts and thus in the growth of productivity and its sources. A thorough revision of the data in national accounts was undertaken in the year 2014.

Coherence - cross domain

Statistics Denmark's industrial classification DB07, which is a Danish version of the EU NACE, rev. 2. and the UN's ISIC, rev. 4, contains a number of standard classifications: the 127, 36, 19, and 10 classifications.

The final national accounts classification of 117 industries corresponds - with few deviations - to the 127 standard classification and the 117 industries of the national accounts can be aggregated to the other standard classifications. For this reason, national accounts figures can easily be compared to and used in connection with other statistics that are based on the DB07-standard classifications.

However, comparisons with other statistics at a detailed industry level will often show differences, partly because of differences in definitions of variables, and partly because of the calendar year delimitation of the national accounts and its requirement of total coverage of the economic activity.

Coherence - internal

There is per se fully internal consistency in the National Accounts.