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Producer price index for renovation and maintenance

The purpose of these statistics give the development in the producer prices of renovation and maintenance tasks performed by Danish construction and craftsman companies. I.e. the prices of services incl. the producer's direct costs and their profits excl. VAT. The statistics has been produced since 2017 with data for 2014 and onwards.

Statistical presentation

The producer price index for refurbishment and maintenance shows the yearly trends in the prices related to these types of tasks or services in Denmark. The prices are related to the first commercial transaction excluding VAT. The first commercial transaction refers to the transaction between the requester and the producers, excl. VAT. The index reflects the price developments for the production of refurbishment and maintenance services, i.e the price the household pays a company to perform a standard refurbishment and maintenance task. I.e. a carpenter changing a window frame.

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Statistical processing

For the producer price index for refurbishment and maintenance approximately 3,000 prices are collected from selected companies in Denmark. Prices are collected digitally. The producer price index for refurbishment and maintenance is calculated in a hierarchical system, where the first calculation is made on the most detailed level. The detailed indices are subsequently weighted together to form aggregated indices.

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Producer price index for refurbishment and maintenance is used in the Danish National Accounts as deflator for the constant price calculations.

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Accuracy and reliability

The producer price index for renovations and maintenance measures the development in the prices of renovations and maintenance works, incl. producer profits. The statistics is based on 3,000 prices from six activity groups. For each trade the largest businesses, according to turnover, are selected for reporting using a top-down approach to achieve the highest possible coverage. For each trade there is a coverage of at least 30 pct. Price developments from the larger businesses weigh more than price developments from smaller businesses. Each of the businesses are requested to select their most representative activities, i.e. the services sold most often within a given trade. As there are large differences between the trades, they are treated separately with separate samples.

As the samples are not randomly selected the sampling error cannot be measured, however, overall, the index is assessed to be of high quality.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics are published yearly, approximately four month after the end of the reference period. Publications are released on time, as stated in the release calendar.

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The statistics follows international standards and is therefore comparable with similar statistics from other European countries.

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Accessibility and clarity

These statistics can be found in the StatBank, under the subject producer price index for construction. Find out more under:

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