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Producer price index for renovation and maintenance

The producer price index for refurbishment and maintenance shows the yearly trends in the prices related to these types of tasks or services in Denmark. The prices are related to the first commercial transaction excluding VAT. The first commercial transaction refers to the transaction between the requester and the producers, excl. VAT. The index reflects the price developments for the production of refurbishment and maintenance services, i.e the price the household pays a company to perform a standard refurbishment and maintenance task. I.e. a carpenter changing a window frame.

Data description

The purpose of the Producer price index for refurbishment and maintenance is to give the development in the prices of refurbishment and maintenance tasks performed by Danish construction and craftsman companies. The price concept is the price of a refurbishment or maintenance task incl. the producer's costs and profits, excl. VAT and further costs not directly related to the performance of the task. The statistics is published on a yearly basis and both indices and percent developments are given.

Classification system

The index covers refurbishment and maintenance work by firms in NACE Rev. 2 Section F (construction). The activities are grouped into so-called CPA-groups, in accordance with the Statistical Classification of Products by Activity in the European Economic Community, 2008 version. For the producer price index for refurbishment and maintenance the following groupings are published: - Electrical installation - Plumbing, heat and air-conditioning installation - Carpentry - Building completion - Roofing - Bricklaying

Sector coverage

This statistics covers activities related to refurbishment and maintenance in Denmark.

Statistical concepts and definitions

Producer price: The price of a produced commodity incl. the producer's direct production costs and profits and excl. VAT and additional costs not directly related to the production of the commodity.

Statistical unit

The index is calculated on the basis of prices for performed refurbishment and maintenance tasks.

Statistical population

The target population for the Producer Price Index for refurbishment and maintenance all refurbishment and maintenance task performed in Denmark.

Reference area


Time coverage

The statistics cover the time period from 2014 and onwards.

Base period

2015 = 100.

Unit of measure

Index and percentage.

Reference period

The statistics to the calendar year.

Frequency of dissemination


Legal acts and other agreements

The legal authority to collect data is provided by the Act on Statistics Denmark, section 8, as subsequently amended (most recently by Act no. 599 of 22 June, 2000).

Cost and burden

The response burden has yet to be calculated, but it is assessed that the reporting units spend less than one hour on their response.


Further information is available at the statistics' website or by contacting Statistics Denmark.