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Ownership of agricultural land in Denmark

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Ownership of agricultural land in Denmark 2020

The purpose of the statistics Ownership of agricultural land is to show how the Danish agricultural land is distributed. The statistics are published for the first time with statistics for the years 2020-22.

Statistical presentation

The statistics show on an annual basis the number of owners and how the ownership of Danish agricultural land is distributed by the nationalities of the owners, regions, type of owner, gender, age and size.

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Statistical processing

The IACS register (Integrated Agricultural Control System) is combined and merged with the Business Register and address registers whereby the owners nationality can be determined. The owners can be both private persons and enterprises.

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The statistics fulfil a need in particular for The Ministry of Agriculture to know the amount of agricultural land owned by non Danish citizens and enterprises.. The statistics will presumably also be interesting for political parties and the press.

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Accuracy and reliability

The statistics include all land in possession of farmers applying for crop subsidies. Very little agricultural land is cultivated in Denmark without support subsidies. The source data are collected from The IACS register (Integrated Agricultural Control System), which also is used as a source in the farm structure survey, and includes as good as as all agricultural land in Denmark and is see as a reliable source.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics will be published 14 months from the reference time December 31st.

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The statistics are comparable with the farm structure survey, but the figures for the agricultural area are not exactly identical in the two statistics. This is due to fact that the statistics include all land cultivated by farmers applying for crop subsidies whereas the farm structure survey as main rule only include farm of at least 5,0 hectares. The units in the two statistics are not the same. The statistics on ownership of agricultural land includes the landowners which could be farmers men not necessarily are.

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Accessibility and clarity

These statistics are published in Statbank Denmark and the News letter "Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik" (in Danish only),

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