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Short Term Statistics, Business Statistics
Nanna Nikander Nonboe-Nygaard
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Nights Spent at Marinas

The purpose of the survey is to describe the structure of and development in boat and guest nights spent by visiting yachts in marinas in the months of May-September. The most important variables are: Nights stayed per group of nationality and broken down by geography. The survey is published in StatBank Denmark and "Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik".

Data description

The most important variable associated with the statistics is the number of overnight stays by nationality and geographical area. The number of overnight stays tells something about the occupancy, including how many guests who stayed overnight a number of days in a given geographical area, and the statistics furthermore tells us where these visitors come from. This information can be used by various business and tourism organizations to analyze which guests arrive, when they arrive, which markets should be selected and so on.

Classification system

The enterprises are defined on the basis of the Danish Business Nomenclature DB07. A complete description of the different typologies can be found in Danish here. The survey respondents are categorized under business code 93.29.10.

Sector coverage

Tourism sector.

Statistical concepts and definitions

Boat nights spent at marinas: Boat nights spent at marinas is the number of boats in Danish marinas times the length of their stay.

Person nights spent: Person nights spent is the size of the crew on the boat combined with the length of the stay.

Statistical unit

Marinas: The number of marinas in Denmark Overnight stays in marinas: Overnight stays in marinas is divided into person nights spent at marinas and boat nights spent at marinas

Statistical population

The population includes all Danish marinas

Reference area


Time coverage

The survey covers 1992 and onwards.

Base period

Not relevant for this survey.

Unit of measure

The primary unit of measure is the absolute number of boat and person nights spent.

Reference period

The statistics is compiled monthly for the period May to September.

Frequency of dissemination

The survey is compiled and published monthly for the months of May-September. Furthermore, an annual publication is released in December.

Legal acts and other agreements

The survey is collected on a voluntary basis. Prior to 2004, the survey was mandatory and covered by The Act on Statistics Denmark (Lov om Danmarks Statistik), section 8, cf. Order no. 599 of 22 June 2000.

Cost and burden

The survey is collected on a voluntary basis. The response burden is not calculated.


The survey has a web page here.