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Population and Education, Social Statistics
Annemette Lindhardt Olsen
+45 39 17 30 13

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National Elections in Denmark

For many users it is of course extremely important that elections results are ready as fast as possible. For many users it is also important that data is available in formats that they are able to work with themselves.

User Needs

The Ministry of Social Affairs and the Interior is a very important user. Other important users are all kinds of media. The public interest in elections is very high in the short time around an election.

User Satisfaction

Statistics Denmark also publishes elections results as XML files. They are publically available on our website. On elections night the most detailed level they are published by is nomination districts (opstillingskredse). It is due to the fact that Statistics Denmark doesn´t receive all results broken down by polling districts (afstemningsområder) on election night. Many users have expressed a wish to get results broken down by polling districts (afstemningsområder) on election night.

It is also a wish for many users to get statistics about participation for different groups. E.g. participation rates broken down by sex and age. Currently that wish is not possible to fulfill. For a given polling district (afstemningsområde) Statistics Denmark only has information about the total number of eligible voters and the number of actual votes casted.

Data completeness rate

Not relevant for these statistics.