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National Elections in Denmark

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Population and Education, Social Statistics
Annemette Lindhardt Olsen
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National Elections in Denmark 2019

Statistics Denmark have overtaken the responsibility for making statistics on national elections from the Ministry of Interior in October 2008. It is Statistics Denmark, who make and announce all the official results regarding elections.

Statistical presentation

Statistics Denmark has a election website. The website is only available in Danish. All results are disseminated on the website. Detailed tables are also available in the Statbank under Election a few weeks after an election.

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Statistical processing

Statistics Denmark does some controls. If anything looks strange the responsible municipality is contacted. No corrections are without the consent of the responsible municipality.

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For many users it is of course extremely important that elections results are ready as fast as possible. For many users it is also important that data is available in formats that they are able to work with themselves.

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Accuracy and reliability

In Danish elections votes are counted manually. The municipalities use an IT-system developed by KMD afterwards. It is only a few very obvious mistakes that Statistics Denmark has any possibility of discovering. E.g. when a result in one area differs significantly from other results within the same constituency. Controls are in place in order to find situations like these.

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Timeliness and punctuality

Fast dissemination of results are of course extremely important regarding elections. On election night results are published as they come in. Recounted results are also published as they come in. The first recounted results typically arrives before noon the day after an election and the last one arrives late in the evening.

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The electoral structure was changed on 1 January 2007. Results broken down by electoral provinces (landsdele), multi-member constituencies (storkredse) and nomination districts (opstillingskredse) are therefore not comparable for elections before and after 1 January 2007.

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Accessibility and clarity

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