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National Accounts, Economic Statistics.
Christina Just Brandstrup
+45 39 17 36 33

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National Accounts

The National Accounts statistics are published in the StatBank under Economy and National accounts. The publications are accompanied by Danish press releases.

Release calendar

The publication date appears in the release calendar. The date is confirmed in the weeks before.

Release calendar access

The Release Calender can be accessed on our English website: Release Calender.

User access

Statistics are always published at 8:00 a.m. at the day announced in the release calendar. No one outside of Statistics Denmark can access the statistics before they are published.

News release

These statistics are published in three different Danish press releases - only in Danish. One for the quarterly national accounts and one for the annual national accounts.


The national accounts are published only in Danish. In the period from 1999 to 2011, as well as in 2014, the National Accounts were published in the publication National Accounts.

Statistics Denmark's collection of historical statistics contains a large number of national accounts-related publications, also in Danish under Historical Statistics.

On-line database

The statistics are published in a number of tables in the StatBank under Economy.

Micro-data access

More detailed data are available at a charge. It is possible to buy data from the approximately 2,350 product balances at current prices, prices of the previous year and at constant prices, typically in the form of, e.g. a single product balance or the product composition of a given consumption group.

Information on gross fixed capital formation is also sold in its most detailed form, i.e. as information on the product composition of a given industry.

Please contact the office for National Accounts if you wish to hear more about the possibilities for tailored national accounts data.


The national accounts provide table sets to Eurostat, so that Denmark's national accounts figures are included in the Eurostat database. The figures are provided via Eurostat to the OECD database.

A database of national accounts figures is also provided to ADAM (the macroeconomic model in Statistics Denmark). External users can access ADAM's database for a fee.

Confidentiality - policy

Data Confidentiality Policy for Statistics Denmark.

Confidentiality - data treatment

The primary statistics included in the national accounts each meet a level of discretion where individuals and companies cannot be identified. This means that further discretion is not required at the level that the national accounts are published at.

Documentation on methodology

The documents are in Danish unless otherwise noted.

Method description for national accounts can be found on the subject page for National accounts.

In addition, reference is made to the following:

An introduction to the national accounts can be found in textbook form: Bent Thage & Annette Thomsen: "Nationalregnskabet", the series Erhverv og Samfund, Handelshøjskolens Forlag, 2004 (Danish).

Christen Sørensen: "Nationalregnskab, betalingsbalance og udenrigshandel - økonomisk samfundsbeskrivelse", Forlaget Systime, 2000. (Danish).

Francois Lequiller & Derek Blades: ”Understanding National Accounts”, OECD, 2014 (English).

Quality documentation

Results from the quality evaluation of products and selected processes are available in detail for each statistics and in summary reports for the Working Group on Quality.