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National Accounts, Economic Statistics.
Christina Just Brandstrup
+45 39 17 36 33

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National Accounts

The National Accounts are relevant to anyone involved in economic matters ranging from the economic ministries use of the National Accounts in planning, analysis, forecasting and modeling purposes for industry organizations and other similar organizations, to the general interest in knowledge of the economy’s structure and development. The National Accounts division is evaluating feedback from users at an ongoing basis.

User Needs

The quarterly national accounts are primarily used for monitoring and analysing the current economic development. The figures from the quarterly national accounts also serve as a basis for the preparation of forecasts for the economy, for the authorities' work with the budgets for the general government Finansloven/the Finance Act and for financial planning in general.

Annual and quarterly national accounts figures also form an important part of the basis for analyses of the economic structure of the country and provide an opportunity to compare the economy in Denmark with the economy in other countries. National accounts figures therefore have a broad user group, from "Mr. and Mrs. Denmark" who sporadically wants information about society, to public and private institutions that actively use figures from the national accounts in their ongoing tasks.

Among other things, Statistics Denmark's macroeconomic model, ADAM, is based on national accounts statistics. Other key users are the Ministry of Finance, Danmarks Nationalbank, research institutions and financial analysts. In addition, international organizations such as the IMF, the OECD, the World Bank, the UN, and Eurostat use national accounts data in their statistics and analyses.

User Satisfaction

There are no actual user satisfaction surveys for the national accounts, but Statistics Denmark has several forums where central users of the national accounts and adjacent statistics have the opportunity to participate, for example:

Economic Statistics User Committee

The Economic Statistics User Committee has the following general tasks:

  • discuss and evaluate the results achieved and the planned development of economic statistics
  • discuss users' use of economic statistics and their need for new statistics
  • discuss the quality, documentation, and dissemination of economic statistics

Read more about the Economic Statistics User Committee, where the commissariat as well as minutes and appendices from previous meetings are available in Danish.

Info meetings on the quarterly national accounts

In connection with the publication of the quarterly national accounts, information meetings are held, where members of the Economic Statistics User Committee have the opportunity to ask questions and get detailed explanations of the latest figures.

Data completeness rate

The National Accounts comply with the following regulations:

Regulation (EU) No. 549/2013 of 21 May 2013 on the European System of National and Regional Accounts in the European Union (ESA2010) (OJ L 174 26.06.2013, p. 1).

The Commission Decision of 17 December 2002 further clarifying Annex A to Council Regulation No. 2223/96 as regards the principles for measuring prices and quantities in the national accounts.