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Short Term Statistics, Business Statistics
Heidi Sørensen
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Maritime Transport over Danish Ports

The statistics are used by the ports themselves, Eurostat and other parts of the EU-commission, ministries, organisations, researchers and in general to monitor the goods transport activity in Danish ports and to develop transport statistics.

User Needs

A main user is Eurostat and other parts of the EU-commission that gathers similar statistics from all EU- and EFTA members to analyse and develop a common transport policy. Other primary users are Danish ministries that uses the statistics as background for and to develop transport policies. In the private sector the statistics are used by maritime enterprises and ports, trade organisations as well as consultancies and analytical companies for various analyses of the transport of goods through Danish ports.

User Satisfaction

User satisfaction is not monitored systematically and feedback from users is rare.

Data completeness rate

The statistics fulfill all requirements and guidelines agreed upon in unison between Eurostat and Member states. The regulation based statistics cover maritime goods and passenger transport and maritime accidents.

Besides the regulation based statistics Statistics Denmark produces tables on investments in ports. The investments are part of National Accounts calculations and does not add to the report burden of enterprises.