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Maritime Transport over Danish Ports

The statistics are consistent from 2000 and onwards and directly comparable to similar statistics from other EU and EFTA member states.

Comparability - geographical

Eurostat publishes comparable statistics for Europe collected within the EU and EFTA member states.

Comparability over time

The statistics for the key variables are fully comparable with the previous statistics on throughput in ports.

Coherence - cross domain

Comparable statistics are not available.

Statistics on Passenger ships and Ferry lines are related since it contains passenger transport by sea vessel and goods transport by ferries.

Prior to 1997 the Port Database within the Ministry of Transport contained similar statistics with few deviations due to methodological and classification differences.

Coherence - internal

Data stems from different sources where two (Maritime transport on major ports and Maritime transport on minor ports) are mutual exclusive, i.e. a port is only included in one of the statistics and all ports is included in one of the statistics. The third source, Passenger and ferry transport covers ferry lines and not ports. Data from this statistics covers therefore activity already included in one of the other statistics, Passenger vessels and ferries covered in Passenger and Ferry transport are therefore exempted from the two ports statistics.