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Interest and Share Price Indices

The purpose of these statistics is to illustrate developments in interest rates and share indices in the financial markets. These statistics are intended for analysis purposes. The daily updates can be found at Nasdaq OMX Nordic or other media covering this financial area.

Statistical presentation

The selected information includes for example a selection of money market interest rates, effective rate on leading bonds and share price indices.

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Statistical processing

The primary statistical data are not stored by Statistics Denmark but by the individual producers of the statistics.

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The primary users are public authorities, private business sector and interested citizens.

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Accuracy and reliability

The figures originate directly from observations in the financial markets. The published figures are therefore not based on calculations and no estimations are made. The statistics show the actual historical values in the markets and are not revised later. For further information please refer to the authorities that collect the basic information.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The publication time of these statistics is 20 to 45 days after the reference period expires depending on the time series. These statistics is usually published without delay in relation to the scheduled date.

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There are generally high comparability over time, there may be some problems of comparability for some time series statistics. For comparisons across countries should be obtained from the concerned authority collecting basic information.

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Accessibility and clarity

Data can be found in the following tables in the StatBank: Danmarks Nationalbanks official interest rates, inter-bank interest rate and average bond, Share index, The bank's average deposit and lending interest rates, Effective rate on bonds and Government bond yields by country.

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