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Statistical processing

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National Accounts, Economic Statistics
Jesper Søgaard Dreesen
+45 39 17 30 54

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Interest and Share Price Indices

The primary statistical data are not stored by Statistics Denmark but by the individual producers of the statistics.

Source data

Danmarks Nationalbank (money market rates, foreign exchange reserve, the banks external position, money stock) the Copenhagen Stock Exchange (bond yield, share price index), the Danish Bankers' Association and the International Monetary Fund/IMF (price and yield on standard mortgage deeds).

Frequency of data collection

Monthly, quarterly (updated monthly in the Statbank) and annual - depending on the individual components.

Data collection

These statistics are all published by other authorities. All data is gathered from the webpage of the respective authorities.

Data validation

If significant changes compared to previous periods are observed the respective authorities will be contacted regarding a validation of the data.

Data compilation

All information is collected and published by other authorities, and therefore no statistical processing of data is performed.


Not relevant for these statistics.