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Statistical processing

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Business Dynamics, Business Statistics
Kalle Emil Holst Hansen
+45 39 17 35 65

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High Growth Enterprises

The statistics are based on the Business demography statistics and the information regarding surviving firms up to 5 years old. The information of survival is used to the delimitation of the population to be measured. The enterprise's development in number of full-time employment is measured from start to end of the growth period.

Source data

The statistics is based on the: Business Demography.

Frequency of data collection

Data are collected annually.

Data collection

Data used in the statistics are collected from administrative registers.

Data validation

The statistics is based on validated data. The statistics is validated against earlier reference years on industry and regional level.

Data compilation

This statistics is based on validated register data. The data treatment include a NACE delimitation and the calculation of growth.


No data correction is made.