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Forest Accounts

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National Accounts, Economic Statistics.
Ingeborg Vind
+45 39 17 33 29

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Forest Accounts

The forest accounts are accounts for the Danish forests as a natural resource. The accounts comprises the forest land as well as the wood (timber) resource. The forest accounts were first published in 2017, as part of the Green National Accounts for Denmark.

Statistical presentation

The stock account for forests is an annual account of the Danish forest area (as reported under Kyoto LULUCF) and the growing stock in the forests. The accounts contain opening and closing stocks as well as balancing items. For growing stocks, the accounts are in physical units (cubic metres) as well as monetary units (DKK). The forest area is accounted only in physical units (square km). The accounts are published in newsletters (Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik), the StatBank as well as in general publications from the Green National Accounts.

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Statistical processing

Data from the sources are collected and brought together. A certain harmonisation of data is done, across sources and across years to create complete and consistent accounts. A simplified net present value method where the value of the stock is obtained by multiplying the current volume of standing timber by its stumpage price, assuming the rate of discount is equal to the natural growth rate.

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The stock accounts for forests are of relevance for administrative bodies, researchers, NGOs, businesses, the educational sector and individuals - all with interests in natural resources, economic-environmental interactions, natural capital, sustainability etc. To ensure international comparability, the waste accounts are prepared according to the UN statistical standard SEEA (System of Environmental Economic Accounting) 2012.

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Accuracy and reliability

The stock accounts for forest are reliable estimates of the physical size of the resources, as well as the change in these over a number of years. Smaller variations from one year to the next may however reflect uncertainties rather than real changes. Especially for the monetary evaluation of the growing stock there are significant error sources, both in the prices used as well as inherent in the method used which is based on a number of assumptions. The estimate for the value of the growing stock should therefore be considered a provisional estimate of the order of magnitude.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The accounts have only been published twice, both times at the preannounced date. The long time between reference time and publication is mainly due to the production time of the source data, such as the National Forest Inventory,

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The stock accounts for forests are compiled according to the guidelines for asset accounts for natural resources from the UN statistical standard 'Systems of Environmental-Economic Accounts'. This ensures a high degree of comparability with the same type of accounts from other countries using this standard. The stock account is fully comparable across the published time series.

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Accessibility and clarity

The stock account for forests is available in its most detailed form through the General results are communicated through Statistics Denmark's press releases (Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik) as well as in publications covering the whole of the Green National Accounts for Denmark. See also the web site for Natural resources.

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