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Timeliness and punctuality

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National Accounts, Economic Statistics
Thomas Eisler
+45 39 17 30 68

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Energy Accounts for Denmark

High punctuality. On the most detailed level the energy accounts are published annually approx. one year after reference period. Statistics is normally published without delays on the announced date. The accounts are additionally published 6 months after the reference period at the standard national account industry groupings og 36, 19 and 10 industry groups.

Timeliness and time lag - final results

The statistics are published annually approx. 6 months after the reference period. The first publication includes more aggregated industry groupings( 10a3, 19a2, 36a2). The more detailed energy accounts are published approx. 18 months after the reference period. Approx. 30 months after the reference year the final figures are published.


The statistics are usually published according to the schedule.