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Eggs Production

The statistics have been compiled since the 20th century but are in their present form comparable from 1997 onwards. Most European countries compile statistics on egg production and the statics are therefore comparable to statistics from other countries within the EU. Data enter into the Economic Accounts for Agriculture, which also enter into the National Account.

Comparability - geographical

Most European countries have independent statistics on egg production. In Eurostat data are published Egg production. Prices for eggs are included in the price statistics and the value of total egg production is included in the national agricultural accounts included in the national accounts of all European countries. In Eurostat data are published [Activity on hatcheries]

Comparability over time

The statistics about eggs have a long history, and since the 1900s it has been possible to compare time series over the production of eggs. There has been an improvement in the statistics in 1932, where total production was divided into sales for egg packers and producer consumption and sales directly to consumers. Since 1955 the statistics have been prepared on the same basis as now. In 1997, the production of eggs was divided into production: Free-range eggs, Organic Eggs, Barn Egg, Scraper Egg,

Long time series are possible. Older data can be found in the Publications Agriculture and Agricultural Statistics

Coherence - cross domain

Some statistics are published by Danish Agriculture & Food Council

Coherence - internal

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