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Statistical processing

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Eggs Production

Data is collected quarterly from the egg packers on the sale of weighed eggs for consumption by types of eggs. Every month information about hatching eggs is collected from the hatcheries. Data comes from administrative records. The data received is checked for completeness and consistency as well as consistency with previous periods.

Source data

Data on eggs weighed in on egg packages comes from an administrative register in the Ministry of the Environment and Food with information on egg turnover in the packages.

All egg parcels are obliged to report, see Egg conversion - Report for egg packing applications. The purpose is for all registered parcels to pay a fee that is used for the financing of controls, including supervision, authorization, registration, approval, notification, certification and examination of the eggs.

Data on hatching eggs are from the Poultry Tax Fund where the hatcheries are required to report data. The purpose is for all registered hatcheries to pay a fee that is used to fund control, including supervision, authorization, registration, approval, etc.

Frequency of data collection

Data on the number of eggs delivered to the egg packing centers are collected quarterly and hatched eggs on hatcheries every month. Prices of eggs are collected quarterly, but they are confidential data due to few reports.

Data collection

Data from registers is sent to Statistic Denmark.

Data validation

Material is subjected to a check for errors, by collecting data with earlier periods.

Data compilation

Data is checked, summarized and compiled into tables to the statistics bank. Home consumption and direct sale of eggs to consumers, are from 2020 12 million kilo per year, by far the largest part takes place with race and hobby herds. In the preiod of 2009 to 2019 it was 8 million kilo and before 2009 it was16 million kilo per year. The price of these eggs is calculated as an average price for all eggs, irrespective of the type of production.


No correction of data is made except what has already been described during data validation and data processing. There is no seasonal adjustment.