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Economics of Agricultural Activities

The purpose this statistics is to analyze the economic results for individual crops and livestock production. This also applies to horticultural crops. The statistics are based on holdings that have a work equivalent to at least 1 annual work unit (1 AWU equals 1,665 working hours). Holdings are weighted together, achieving a representative statistics for full-time farms. The basic accounts statistics for agriculture has been compiled since 1916 while the economics of agricultural activities is comparable 2008 onwards. The statistics are an essential input for the various economic models.

Statistical presentation

The statistics show economic results of production branches in agriculture. The statistical basis are accounts data on land and livestock as well as accounting items. Using methods such as linear regression there have identified several key figures for respectively conventional and organic farms, after which it is possible to distribute the cost items on productions branches and measure the financial result of each activity.

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Statistical processing

The main source to the statistic is primarily account information from accounting offices organized in SEGES. This information is retrieved electronically from the accounting system Ø90 supplemented with some necessary additional information (eg. working hours). In addition some financial data for a small number of holdings are retrieved from other accounting offices.

The holdings in the sample are checked for outliers and might be excluded in total or from certain activities. The holdings in the final sample are weighted to the population.

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These statistics are primarily used by researchers and authorities as input into economic models and analyzes.

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Accuracy and reliability

By selection priority is given to farms included in the statistics several years in a row. Together with a uniform collection of data from Ø90 this ensures a high overall reliability of data.

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Timeliness and punctuality

This statistic is published within 12 month after closure of the relevant accounting year.

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Data from 2008 onwards are comparable. There are no systematic similar statistics for other countries. This statistic is compiled on full time farms from the Account statistics for agriculture.

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Accessibility and clarity

Statbank Denmark ( and a yearly publication

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