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Census of Buildings

The statistics are compiled from a full-scale census, 1st January. Before 2011 are small buildings (e.g. garages, carports, outhouses) excluded from the stock. The statistics describe the stock of buildings analyzed by type of use, size, ownership, heating installation, roof covering and external cladding materials, water and effluent installations, and year of construction. The statistic is used by municipals, ministries, the press, companies and private people.

Data description

The Central Register of Buildings and Dwellings consists of a register on building permits, new buildings, extensions and alterations and a register on buildings with building inspectors' certificate. The Central Register of Buildings and Dwellings was established in 1977 (Act No. 243 of May 12, 1976). The purpose was to make coherent registrations of building and dwelling conditions for public planning and administration.

Classification system

Geographically the statistic is compiled on regions, provinces, and municipalities

Furthermore it is depending on the chosen table the categories use, ownership, year of construction, roofing material, outer wall material and type of heating are displayed.

Sector coverage

The construction sector.

Statistical concepts and definitions

Ownership: Read about ownership here.

Use: Read about use here.

Statistical unit

The statistical units are buildings and areal of buildings (square meters)

Statistical population

The population is comprised of all buildings

Reference area

The statistic covers buildings in Denmark.

Time coverage

The statistic covers the period of 2011 and onward.

Base period

Not relevant for this statistics.

Unit of measure

Number of buildings and 1.000 square meters.

Reference period

The reference period is 1st January.

Frequency of dissemination


Legal acts and other agreements

Acts on Statistics Denmark.

Cost and burden

There is no response burden.


Census of buildings has a subject page.