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Census of Buildings

The statistics yearly describe the stock of buildings in Denmark. The Census of buildings - together with the Census of Housing - is since 1981 and based on administrative registers a continuing of the questionnaire based Census on Population and Housing.

Statistical presentation

The statistics are compiled from a full-scale census, 1st January. Before 2011 are small buildings (e.g. garages, carports, outhouses) excluded from the stock. The statistics describe the stock of buildings analyzed by type of use, size, ownership, heating installation, roof covering and external cladding materials, water and effluent installations, and year of construction. The statistic is used by municipals, ministries, the press, companies and private people.

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Statistical processing

The statistic covers all buildings in the Registry of buildings and Dwellings. Data is validated at the building level. The aggregated numbers are checked against earlier years.

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The statistic is used by municipalities, counties, government departments, private and semi- private organizations and firms, the news media and private persons. It is used for public and private planning, education and public debate.

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Accuracy and reliability

The quality of the statistic is believed to be high. A survey of the overall accuracy of the Central Register of Buildings and Dwellings has never been conducted. But the degree of unknown variables is small.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistic is published medio July, normally on time.

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With some exceptions the data are consistent back to January 1, 1986(see comparability over time). A complete comparability with the statistic of constructions is, for several reasons, not possible.

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Accessibility and clarity

The newest numbers are published at [STATBANK] The numbers are also used in The Statistical Yearbook and in the Statistical Ten-Year Review.

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