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Short term statistics, Department of business statistics.
Søren Dalbro
+45 3917 3416

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Car Register and Publications

The car register and the publications are used for short time assessment, environment assessment, as basis for the random sample in the road transport statistics and to illustrate the populations purchase of and access to vehicles.

Data from the register are used in the law model system, in the national account system used and in calculations of the value of private cars in households and enterprises.

Data from the register are used to prepare statistics on paid services.

User Needs

1. Statistics concerning transport

The register is used for:

  • statistics on new registrations
  • statistics on stock of vehicles
  • statistics on vehicle traffic performance
  • statistics on energy efficiency for new private cars
  • basis for the samples in national and international goods transport statistics
  • statistics on the buyers investments in new private cars

2. Statistics concerning wealth

The register is used - in combination with information from the Register of Enterprises and Establishments, the Income Statistics Register, the Register of Buildings and Dwellings, the Employment Classification Module, the Education Classification Module, the Central Register of Information Forms of the Inland Revenue Department and the Population Statistics Register - to illustrate the population's purchase of and access to private cars, company cars and vans by

  • type of family
  • income
  • education
  • housing conditions
  • geographical location
  • occupation

3. Law model system

The register is used to calculate annual figures concerning car ownership/availability as a part of the comprehensive data basis in the law model system.

4. National accounts

The register is used - together with data from the Register of Enterprises and Establishments - to annually calculate the distribution of vehicles between business sectors. Furthermore, a distribution of new registrations is calculated by type of vehicle and by business sector investment.

5. Capital stock and private capital

The value of private cars in enterprises and private households is calculated using prices on new and used cars.

6. Services

The register is used - together with data on persons or enterprises from other registers - to prepare statistics on paid services, for example to illustrate market conditions. The statistics are used by a wide spectrum of firms inside the automobile sector, consultants and public institutions.

User Satisfaction

The car register and the publications are considered at Kontaktudvalget for Transportstatistik (Contact committee for transport statistics).

Investigations of user satisfaction takes place ad hoc for greater paid services.

Data completeness rate

There are no regulation requests or guidelines for publications or data deliveries from the car register.