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Short term statistics, Department of business statistics.
Søren Dalbro
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Car Register and Publications

Release calendar

The publication date appears in the release calendar. The date is confirmed in the weeks before.

Release calendar access

The Release Calender can be accessed on our English website: Release Calender.

User access

Statistics are always published at 8:00 a.m. at the day announced in the release calendar. No one outside of Statistics Denmark can access the statistics before they are published.

News release


On-line database

Micro-data access

Researchers and other analysts from authorized research institutions, can be granted access to the underlying microdata by contacting Research Services.


Internal use of vehicle data in Statics Denmark

Statics on wealth

The register is used - in combination with information from the Register of Enterprises and Establishments, the Income Statistics Register, the Register of Buildings and Dwellings, the Employment Classification Module, the Education Classification Module, the Central Register of Information Forms of the Inland Revenue Department and the Population Statistics Register - to illustrate the population's purchase of and access to private cars, company cars and vans by

  • type of family
  • income
  • education
  • housing conditions
  • geographical location
  • occupation

Law model system

The register is used to calculate annual figures concerning car ownership/availability as a part of the comprehensive data basis in the law model system

National accounts

The register is used - together with data from the Register of Enterprises and Establishments - to annually calculate the distribution of vehicles between business sectors. Furthermore, a distribution of new registrations is calculated by type of vehicle and by business sector investment.

Capital and capital stock

The value of private cars is calculated for the stock owned by households and enterprises by using prices for new and used private cars.

Transport statistics

The register is used to calculate annual figures concerning the national vehicle fleet and to calculate monthly figures concerning new registrations. It is, moreover, used as a basis for the samples used in the goods transport statistics. Finally, it is used to calculate vehicle traffic performance and energy efficiency.


Data in the car register are - together with data from a range of other registers in Statistics Denmark - used to execute statistics on paid services, for example to illustrate market conditions. The statistics are used by a wide spectrum of firms inside the automobile sector, consultants and public institutions.

Customer Centre is the main entry to paid services, see Customer Centre homepage.

Confidentiality - policy

The general policy of confidentiality in Statistics Denmark is described (in Danish) in Danmarks Statistiks datafortrolighedspolitik.

There is generally no access to data on individual persons or enterprises.

This imply in the field of paid services that it as principal rule won't be possible to combine demographic and geographic data.

Confidentiality - data treatment

As a general measure to avoid disclosure of statistical confidentiality, there are not published any figures with combinations of demographic and geographic data.

Documentation on methodology

Documentation of the car register in Times, in Danish: Documentation of the car register.

Quality documentation

Results from the quality evaluation of products and selected processes are available in detail for each statistics and in summary reports for the Working Group on Quality.