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Statistical processing

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Welfare and Health, Social Statistics.
Ane Theodora Sørensen
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Benefit to disability car

Consistent data is received from the municipalities. Data is validated, checked for logical errors, and compared to the previous year. Data is then compiled into one data set.

Source data

The municipalities must report all their decisions about subsidies for disability cars. This only applies for grant/rejection of subsidies for cars. Special fitting must not be reported.

Frequency of data collection

The statistics are compiled once a year.

Data collection

In 2016, data was collected by the Appeals Board via an electronic reporting system. From 1 July 2016 and upwards, data must be submitted via spreadsheet as defined by Statistics Denmark.

Data validation

Data is analyzed logical errors: The date of the decision cannot be before the day of application, granted cases must contain an amount of money, all obligatory fields must be completed. If errors or missing entries are detected the relevant municipalities will be contacted. Furthermore the amount of granted and rejected cases and the total amount of money granted is compared with historical data for every municipality.

Data compilation

When data has been received it is compiled into one data set, which creates the basis for the statistics.


No corrections of data are made in addition to those already described under Data validation and Data processing.