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Benefit to disability car

The statistics are an annual statement of the total amount of cases, among these are number of refusals, average time of casework counted in weeks as well as the total amount of money granted towards subsidies to disability cars prescribes by section 114 of the Danish Social Services Act. The statistics are distributed by municipalities.

Data description

The statistics only concern decisions on grant of subsidies/rejection of request for subsidies for the purchase of disability cars. Decisions e.g. on special fitting are not shown in these statistics. From 2022 is it possible to access the information regarding the reasoning of the subsidy/rejection, what the municipality board has granted/rejected as well as what subsidy is given in relation to replacement of car.

Classification system

These statistics show decisions made in cases in the municipalities. The statistics are broken down by municipality.

Sector coverage

Not relevant for these statistics.

Statistical concepts and definitions

Processing time: From 2023 the decision date must be understood as the date on which the citizen receives the municipality's decision on support for a car before any complaints are processed. It is thus exclusively the date of the municipality's "first" decision that must be reported as the decision date.

This means that in connection with a complaint, the time between the application and decision date must not include in the decision date.

If a case about support for a car is referred from the Appeals Board to the municipality, this must not be reported as a new case or reported on the original case.

If the decision is a grant, the date on which the citizen receives a decision containing a amount of money for the car is reported.

Statistical unit

These statistics are stated at individual person level.

Statistical population

Applicants for disability cars as prescribed by section 114 of the Danish Social Services Act.

Reference area


Time coverage

These statistics cover the time period from 2011 and onwards.

Base period

Not relevant for these statistics.

Unit of measure

These statistics are based on the number of grants and rejections in the municipalities. The average processing time is counted by weeks, and the granted amount is counted in DKK.

Reference period

Calendar year.

Frequency of dissemination


Legal acts and other agreements

Data is retrieved and processed by Statistics Denmark on behalf of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Housing and Senior Citizens and section 82 of the Legal Security Act of Protection and Administration in Social Matters. Statistics Denmark are processing data on behalf of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Housing and Senior Citizens whom is responsible for data. In addition the collected data is given to Statistics Denmark according to section 6 of the Act on Statistics Denmark.

Cost and burden

The municipalities must report the decisions once a year. The reporting deadline is January 15th the following year after the decision has been reached.


You can request further information from Statistics Denmark.