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Accuracy and reliability

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Welfare and Health, Social Statistics.
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Benefit to disability car

Submitting data is required by law and after validation, data is reliable to the extent that Statistics Denmark has received all decisions. Corrections for earlier statistical years may be made subsequently.

Overall accuracy

It is mandatory for the municipalities to report data on benefits to disability cars. All municipalities report data and only few observations are corrected for logical errors.

Sampling error

Not relevant for these statistics.

Non-sampling error

One uncertainty reflects whether all decisions have been reported. The number of decisions at municipal level is compared to the number for previous years to see if there are major variations in the number of reported decisions. Moreover, the municipalities indicate reasons for refusal/rejection by marking with a cross next to the relevant reason(s). In addition, it is not possible to check whether a missing cross next to one or more reasons is a deliberate choice or a mistake.

Quality management

Statistics Denmark follows the recommendations on organisation and management of quality given in the Code of Practice for European Statistics (CoP) and the implementation guidelines given in the Quality Assurance Framework of the European Statistical System (QAF). A Working Group on Quality and a central quality assurance function have been established to continuously carry through control of products and processes.

Quality assurance

Statistics Denmark follows the principles in the Code of Practice for European Statistics (CoP) and uses the Quality Assurance Framework of the European Statistical System (QAF) for the implementation of the principles. This involves continuous decentralized and central control of products and processes based on documentation following international standards. The central quality assurance function reports to the Working Group on Quality. Reports include suggestions for improvement that are assessed, decided and subsequently implemented.

Quality assessment

These statistics are based on data from all municipalities in Denmark.

Data revision - policy

Statistics Denmark revises published figures in accordance with the Revision Policy for Statistics Denmark. The common procedures and principles of the Revision Policy are for some statistics supplemented by a specific revision practice.

Data revision practice

Validation/adjustment of previously submitted data in case of data break.