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Projects in collaboration with external institutions

Regarding economic effects on Denmark and Italy in connection with EU's enlargement. December 2001.

Eastern enlargement of the EU: Economic costs and benefits for the EU present member states?

The case of Denmark

The case of Italy

Economic Working Papers (ADAM and DREAM)

The DREAM group moved to the ministry of finance in march 2002.

2001:6   [DREAM]

The Optimal Level of Progressivity in the Labor Income Tax in a Model with Competitive Markets and Idiosyncratic Uncertainty

Toke Ward Petersen, September 2001

2001:5   [DREAM]
Toke Ward Petersen, September 2001


2001:4   [DREAM]

2001:3   [DREAM]
Toke Ward Petersen, July 2001

2001:2   [ADAM]
Henrik Hansen, N. Arne Dam og Henrik C. Olesen, August 2001

2001:1   [DREAM]
Svend Erik Hougaard Jensen, Ulrik Nødgaard og Lars Haagen Pedersen, Maj 2001
2000:5  [DREAM]
Anders Due Madsen, December 2000
2000:4  [DREAM]
Lars Haagen Pedersen og Peter Trier, December 2000
2000:3  [ADAM]
Asger Olsen and Peter Rørmose Jensen, August 2000
2000:2  [ADAM]
Asger Olsen, August 2000
2000:1  [ADAM-DREAM]
Lars Haagen Pedersen og Martin Rasmussen, Maj 2000  

1999:4  [ADAM]
Carl-Johan Dalgaard og Martin Rasmussen, December 1999
1999:3  [DREAM]
Lars Haagen Pedersen & Peter Stephensen, November 1999
En kortere version af papiret er publiceret i Harrison, Hougaard Jensen, Pedersen & Rutherford (ed.):
Using Dynamic General Equilibrium Models for Policy Analysis , North-Holland 2000
1999:2 [ADAM]
Asger Olsen, August 1999
Den endelige version er publiceret i Economic Modelling , 17:4 (2000) pp. 545-558
1999:1  [ADAM]
Thomas Thomsen, August 1999
1998:6  [DREAM]
Martin B. Knudsen, Lars Haagen Pedersen, Toke Ward Petersen, Peter Stephensen and Peter Trier, Oktober 1998
1998:5  [DREAM]
Lars Haagen Pedersen, Nina Smith (CLS) and Peter Stephensen, April 1998
Toke Ward Petersen, Oktober 1997
En kortere version er publiceret i Nationaløkonomisk Tidskrift 135 (1997) pp. 113-134
1998:2  [ADAM]
Thomas Thomsen, December 1997
Den endelige version er publiceret i Journal of Econometrics, 97:1 (2000) pp. 1-23
1998:1  [ADAM]
Thomas Thomsen, December 1997



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Adam - a model of Danish economy

The publication describes ADAM (Annual Danish Aggregate Model), which is an economic model of the Danish economy.

ADAM - a model of the Danish economy

ADAM - a model of the Danish economy