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New Variables and Modifications to File Formats in IDEP.web

Reporting via IDEP.web from January 2022

On this page, you can read about:

  • The new variables
  • Modifications to file formats
  • Time line and support

From January 2022, companies that are required to report to Intrastat Export must provide additional information about the country of origin and VAT number of the foreign importer. From the reporting period January 2021 it will be possible to report the two new variables as optional information in IDEP.web.

The New Variables

If your company reports information to Intrastat via an upload file, your current file format must be modified to include two new variables. When reporting manually, the company will need to have the new information available for entry in the form. The two new variables to be added to the files are: VAT number of the foreign importer and Country of origin of the goods.

VAT Number of the Foreign Importer

IDEP.web automatically validates the VAT number when it is entered or uploaded. However, there may be a delay in validating some numbers. You can also verify companies' VAT numbers here:

VAT numbers in Denmark (Danish language)

VAT numbers in the EU via VIES (European Commission website)

In IDEP.web, you can use the VAT number validation tool, where it is possible to upload a file with companies’ VAT numbers for validation.

Country of Origin

The country of origin of the product must be reported with a 2-digit code. You can download the list of country of origin codes here:

Modifications to File Formats

Note: Some file formats will be phased out at the end of 2021, so it is important to check the list of file formats below before planning changes to the company's system.

Excel line, Multi Excel and Multi Excel Currency

DST offers several Excel templates that can be downloaded from our website. The new versions of the templates can be downloaded below. The columns with new variables have been added at the end of the row, so that the template can be used for reporting with or without the new variables during 2021. See example files below:

SDF-File (SQL Server Compact Database File)

SDF files can also be altered by adding the two new variable fields at the end of the file.

Text TAB

Text TAB file can also be altered by adding the two new variable fields at the end of the file.


The file formats INTRA-DK and NY INTRA-DK will be phased out at the end of 2021. These file types are outdated and it is often difficult for users to see and correct errors in the files. In addition, Statistics Denmark's support can only provide limited help with these file formats. We recommend that companies use Excel format or a tab/SDF file type.

FTP Files

The FTP format was introduced in IDEP.web as a transitional solution when DST stopped using FTP in 2015. FTP users are encouraged to switch to another reporting format during 2021, as it will no longer be possible to upload FTP files from 2022.

Company-specific File Formats

IDEP.web supports the creation of your own file format. Therefore, many companies have made their own formats. As a starting point, users can select the file type: Access, Dbase, Excel and Text. The most used types are Excel and Text. There should be no problems with changes to tab-separated or Excel types, but users will need to update their format with the two new variables. In most cases, it should be possible simply to add the new variables at the end of the file. Your company may need to contact their supplier regarding changes to the system. See guide:

Time Line and Support

  • November 2020 - Information about the new variables and modifications of file formats are published.
  • January 2021 - New file formats are available.
  • February 2021 – From the January 2021 reporting period, it will be possible to report the two new variables as optional information in IDEP.web. The new upload file formats will need to be used, if the new variables are included but old formats will still be usable.
  • February 2022 – From the January 2022 reporting period, the new variables must be reported as mandatory information. Old file formats will no longer be usable for reporting periods after January 2022.
Questions about the new variables:


Questions about modifications to file formats: