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Foreign affiliates

We are currently experiencing technical problems and it is therefore not possible to call Statistics Denmark. We are working to find a solution as soon as possible. Until the problem is solved, we can be contacted via We apologise for the inconvenience.

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Companies typically spend approx. 20 minutes on this survey.

Companies with many foreign affiliates spend more time on this survey.
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The data you must report.

NOTE: To make a valid report, you must complete and upload a standardised spreadsheet. The spreadsheet has been sent to the company via Digital Post. If you have not received the spreadsheet, you can contact us here:
Read more here: How to complete a survey.

Please note, that the report is for the most recent full calendar year. Companies with a staggered financial year need to report for the financial year that has ended between 1 May last year and 30 April of the current year.

What is your data used for?

Companies report data on their foreign affiliates’ location (country), industry, employment, staff costs, net turnover and additions to tangible fixed assets.

Your reporting is necessary as it contributes to comprehensive statistics on the development of globalisation and the activities of Danish businesses abroad through Danish-controlled affiliates.

The statistics are used by the Danish and international authorities and organisations, such as the EU and OECD, as a basis for policy development. Trade associations, researchers and media, among others, with an interest in globalisation and the involvement of Danish business abroad, also use the statistics.

More about the survey:

Survey dealines

Reporting deadline is 9 October 2023.

Request an extension of the deadline.

The data you must report

The statistics are an annual compilation of Danish affiliates abroad, that are owned or controlled by a Danish parent company. Companies report data on their foreign affiliates' location (country), industry, employment, staff costs, net turnover and additions to tangible fixed assets.

You can download the guidelines as a preparation for your report.

Guidelines for respondents to Foreign Affiliates - (PDF).

Typical time spent per report is approximately 20 minutes

Companies can voluntarily state the time spent in the reporting solution. Companies typically spend approximately 20 minutes on this survey – including getting access, gathering information, data entry and any necessary support. Note that the time spent may vary depending on the number of foreign affiliates within each company.

How to complete the survey

Report online using MitID Erhverv. Owners of sole proprietorships can also report using their private MitID for business.

Upload your data in a spreadsheet

You have received a standardised spreadsheet, which has been sent to the company via Digital Post. If you have not received the spreadsheet, you can contact us here:

  • Fill in the data in the standarised spreadsheet and save the file on your PC or tablet.
  • Select START REPORTING at the top of the page and report using MitID Erhverv.
  • Choose the journal number and period, and click "Upload-pil2".
  • Update your contact information.
  • Select the file and press "Upload".

Detailed instructions for uploading the submitted spreadsheet (Type 1) - in Danish.

Business proxy agreement

With a business proxy agreement, the duty of reporting can be transferred to another company, such as an auditor or administrator. You can find assistance with business proxy agreement here:

Virk help – Business proxy agreements (in Danish)

Once the proxy agreement is established, the company can locate the CVR number, for which the report must be made, on the overview. See instructions on how to switch between CVR numbers here:

Report via proxy on (in Danish)

Why you must complete the survey

Reporting is mandatory by law

EU legislation obliges Denmark to produce a range of business statistics.

Act on Statistics Denmark, Section 8-12a obliges companies to report data for statistical use.

The number of companies required to report

Statistics Denmark requests approximately 4,900 companies each year for mandatory reporting.

How are the companies selected?

The statistics are a total census. This means that all Danish companies that own affiliates abroad are liable to report annually.

Learn more about data collection from companies (in Danish).

Support for the survey
Do you need help?

Our support team can respond to you via email or give you a call.

Support request form.

Extension of the deadline?

You can request an extension of the deadline via our support request form.

Request an extension.

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