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    Turnover of organic foods in retail shops

    By commodities, unit and time
    2003-2020 (-)

    Crispbread, ricecakes, Other flour- and groatproducts, Meat, spreads, offal, total, Beef, Pigmeat, Chicken, chickenmeat, Cold cuts of meat and poultry, Other meat products, processed, Fish, shellfish, total, Milk, cheese, eggs, total, Whole milk, Semi-skimmed milk (2003 and 2004 are incl. minimilk), Minimilk (2005-), Skimmed milk, Buttermilk, Cream, sour cream etc., Plant drink (2016 - ), Other milk, Fermented products, Cheese, Eggs, Fats and oils, total, Butter etc., Cooking oils, Fruits, total, Citrus fruit, fresh, Bananas, fresh, Apples, fresh, Stone fruit and berries, fresh, Berries, frozen, Pineapple, kiwi, melon, other fruits, Dried fruit, Nuts, almonds, Vegetables, total, Lettuce, chinese cabbage, spinach, fresh, Cabbage, fresh, Tomatoes, fresh, Cucumbers, fresh, Gherkins, pumpkins, eggplants, zucchini, Sweet pepper, capsicum. fresh, Carrots, fresh, Other root vegetables, fresh, Potatos, fresh, Onions, fresh, Mushrooms, fresh, Other fresh vegetables, Frozen vegetables, potato products, Vegetables, canned, Vegetable dishes, -pie, -salads etc., Sugar, jams, chocolate, candy, icecream etc., total, Sugar, Syrup, honey, Jams etc., Chocolate (incl. compound chocolate), Icecream, dessert, Spices, stock cube etc., total, Ketchup, dressing, mayonaise, Spices, Babyfood (canned goods etc.), Coffee, tea, cocoa etc., total, Coffee, Tea, Juices, fruit juices, total, Wine, cider and spirits, total, Wine and cider (2016 - ), Spirits (2016 - ), Beer, total

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    Key indicators for all full-time farms (average)

    By type of farm, annual work units, quartile group, items and time
    2008-2020 (Avg.)

    type of farm, annual work units, Agriculture, Agriculture, conventional, Agriculture, organic, Horticulture, Agriculture, 1-3 work units, Agriculture, 3-5 work units, Agriculture, 5-10 work units, Agriculture, 10 and more work units, Dairy cattle, conventional, Dairy cattle, conventional, less than 100 cows, Dairy cattle, conventional, 100-199 cows, Dairy cattle, conventional, less than 300 cows (2020- ), Dairy cattle, conventional, 200 and more cows, Dairy cattle, conventional, 300 and more cows (2020- ), Dairy cattle, organic, Dairy cattle, organic, less than 100 cows, Dairy cattle, organic, 100-199 cows, Dairy cattle, organic, less than 300 cows (2020- ), Dairy cattle, organic, 200 and more cows, Dairy cattle, organic, 300 and more cows (2020- ), Other cattle, conventional, Other cattle, organic, Pigs, conventional, Pigs, organic, Sows and piglet, conventional, Sows and piglet, conventional, less than 500 sows, Sows and piglet, conventional, 500-999 sows, Sows and piglet, conventional, less than 1.000 sows (2020- ), Sows and piglet, conventional, 1000 and more sows, Sows and pigs for slaughtering, conventional, Sows and pigs for slaughtering, conventional, less than 250 sows, Sows and pigs for slaughtering, conventional, 250-499 sows, Sows and pigs for slaughtering, conventional, 500 or more sows, Pigs for slaughter, conventional, Pigs for slaughter, conventional, less than 10.000 pigs produced, Pigs for slaughter, conventional, less than 20.000 pigs produced (2020-), Pigs for slaughter, conventional, 10.000or more pigs produced, Pigs for slaughter, conventional,20.000 or more pigs produced (2020-), Poultry ( -2019), Poultry, conventional (2020- ), Poultry, organic (2020- ), Furred animals, conventional, Crop produktion, conventional, Crop produktion, organic, Greenhouse gardening, Potplants, Potplants, less than 7.500 m2 greenhouse area, Potplants, 7.500-14.999 m2 greenhouse area, Potplants, less than 15.000 m2 greenhouse area (2020- ), Potplants, or more than 15.000 m2 greenhouse area, Vegetables in greenhouse, Outdoor gardening, Vegetables in the open, Fruit and berries, Nurseries

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    Gross domestic product at factor cost for agriculture

    By type and time
    1990-2020 (m DKK)

    type, OUTPUT, TOTAL, AGRICULTURAL GOODS, SOLD, TOTAL, CROP PRODUCTS, TOTAL, Cereals, total, Wheat, total, Rye, total, Barley, total, Oats, mixed grains and triticale, total, Cereals, used inter- and intraunit, Wheat, used inter- and intraunit, Rye, used inter- and intraunit, Barley, used inter- and intraunit, Oats, triticale and mixed grains, used inter- and intraunit, Industrial crops, total, Seeds for manufacturing, Pulses, ripened, total, Pulses, ripened, used inter- and intraunit, Sugar beets, Forage plants, total, Fodder beets, grass and green fodder, Fodder beets, grass and green fodder, used inter- and intraunit, Straw for heating, Vegetables and horticultural products, total, Vegetables grown under glass, Vegetables grown in the open, Mushrooms (1990-2017), Flowers, cut (1990-2015), Potted plants, Nursery products, Christmas trees and decorative greenery, Potatoes, total, Potatoes, used inter- and intraunit, Fruit and berries, Seeds for sowing, ANIMAL OUTPUT, TOTAL, Meat and live animals, total, Cattle, Pigs, Horses, Sheep, Poultry, Game, Animal products, total, Natural milk, Eggs for human consumption, Furs, Other livestock product, AGRICULTURAL SERVICES, Agricultural contract work, Milk quotas for hire (1996-2015), SECONDARY ACTIVITIES, Changes in stocks at farms, total, Changes in grain stocks, total, Changes in wheat stocks, Changes in rye stocks, Changes in barley stocks, Changes in oats, mixed grains and triticale stocks, Changes in livestock, total, Changes in livestock of cattle, Changes in livestock of pigs, Changes in livestock of horses, Changes in livestock of sheep, Changes in livestock of furred animals, INTERMEDIATE CONSUMPTION, TOTAL, Seeds, total, Seeds, agriculture, Seeds, horticulture, Energy, total, Electricity, Gas ect. for heating, Fuels, Fertilizers, total, Straigth fertilizers, Compound fertilizers, Lime and marl, Pesticides, Veterinary expenses, Feeding stuffs, total, Straigth feeding stuffs, total, Cereals for feeding, total, Cereals for feeding, used inter- and intraunit, Meat and bone meal, etc (1992-2000), Oil-cakes ect.

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    Value of exports

    By SHORT-TERM (industrial origin), country, imports and exports and time
    1988M01-2022M02 (DKK 1,000)

    SHORT-TERM (industrial origin), TOT Exports, total, 01 Live bovine cattle; meat of bovine animals, fresh, chiled or frozen, 02 Live swine; meat of swine, fresh, chilled or frozen, 03 Poultry; live, dead or dressed; fresh, chilled or frozen, 04 Butter, 05 Cheese, 06 Birds eggs, in the shell, 07 Pig fat and poultry fat, 08 Bovine and equine hides and skins, undressed, 09 Guts, bladders and stomachs of animals (excl. fish), 10 Edible offals of cattle, sheep, pigs and horses, 11 Other agricultural products of animals origin, 21 Cereals, 22 Seed, fruit and spores for sowing, 23 Flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables, 24 Other agricultural products of vegetable origin, 31 Canned meat, 32 Canned milk, 41 Sugar and molasses, 42 Other manufactured products of agricultural origin, 46 Fish, crustanceans and molluscs, prepared or preserved, 47 Feeding stuffs (excl. straws, roots, etc.), 48 Beer, 49 Other beverages (excl. fruit and vegetables juices), 54 Animal and vegetables oils and fats, 56 Medicinal and pharmaceutical products, 57 Other chemical goods, 60 Leather, leather manufactures; dressed furskins, 61 Rubber manufactures, n.e.s., 62 Wood and cork manufactures (excl. furniture), 63 Paper, paperboard and articles of paper pulp, of paper or of paperboard, 64 Textiles and clothing, 65 Non-metallic mineral manufactures, 66 Metals, 67 Manufactures of metals, n.e.s., 68 Machinery and instruments, 69 Transport equipment, excl ships and aircraft, 70 Furniture, 71 Articles of artificial plastic materials, n.e.s., 72 Other manufactures goods, n.e.s., 80 Ships, aircraft and drilling rigs and production platforms, 82 Fish, crustaceans and molluscs, 84 Furskins, raw, 85 Fuels, lubricant and current, 86 Other goods

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    By unit, size of herd and time
    2012-2021 (Number)

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