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    Handicap services

    By region, type of benefits and time
    2015-2020 (Number)

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    Municipal budgets, functions

    By municipality, function, dranst, kind, price unit and time
    2007-2022 (-)

    5.25.19 Subsidies to pools, private clubs og private institutions, 5.28.20 Places etc. for children and young people, 5.28.21 Preventive arrangements for children and young people, 5.28.22 Fostercare, 5.28.23 24-hour care centers for children and young people, 5.28.24 Secured 24-hour care centers etc. for children and yound people, 5.28.25 Special day-care offers and special clubs, 5.28.26 Decisions under juvenile delinquency law, 5.30.26 Home help for the elderly covered by free choice of supplier, 5.30.27 Care etc. of primary elderly except for free choice of supplier, 5.30.28 Home nursing, 5.30.29 Preventative efforts and relief efforts aimed primary at elderly, 5.30.31 Assistive devices, consumer goods, interior decoration and transportation to the elderly, 5.30.36 Care benefits and assistance for medical articles and the like by care of dying in own homes, 5.32.30 Senior homes, 5.32.32 Nursing and care etc. for the elderly and the handicapped, 5.32.33 Preventive effort for the elderly and handicapped, 5.32.34 Nursing homes and protected homes, 5.32.35 Relief measures, consumer goods, interior design and travel expences, 5.32.37 Nursing payments and help for medical supplies etc. concerning caring for a dying person in, 5.35.40 Counselling and counselling institutions, 5.38.38 Home help for people with disabilities, etc. subject to free choice of supplier, 5.38.39 Personal support and care of people with disabilities, etc., 5.38.40 Counseling and advisory institutions, 5.38.41 Assistive products, consumer goods, interior decoration and transportation for people with disabilities, 5.38.42 Housing offers for people with special social problems, 5.38.44 Alcohol treatment and treatment homes for alcohol damaged people, 5.38.45 Treatment of drug addicts, 5.38.50 Living arrangement offers for long term stay, 5.38.51 Housing offers etc., 5.38.52 Living arrangement offers for temporary stay, 5.38.53 Contact person and companion arrangements, 5.38.54 Special places in the psychiatric department, 5.38.58 Protected employment, 5.38.59 Activities and social arrangement offers, 5.46.60 Self-providing and home travel program or introductory program and introduction course etc., 5.46.61 Cash assistance for foreigners covered by the integration program and integration benefits, etc., 5.46.65 Repatriation, 5.48.65 Senior retirement, 5.48.66 Early retirement pension awarded after rules valid after 1.7.2014, 5.48.67 Personal allowances, 5.48.68 Early retirement pension awarded after rules valid before 1.7.2014, 5.48.69 Early retirement pension with 65 pct. municipal co-funding - awarded after rules valid before 1.1.2003, 5.48.70 Early retirement pension with 65 pct. municipal co-funding - awarded after rules valid from 1.1.2003, 5.57.71 Sickness benefits, 5.57.72 Social purposes, 5.57.73 Welfare and education payments, 5.57.74 Integration benefit, cash benefits etc. with 100% refund for certain groups of refugees, 5.57.75 Activated welfare and education payment receivers, 5.57.76 Housing benefits to retirees - municipal co-financing, 5.57.77 Housing insurance - municipal co-financing, 5.57.78 Daily benefits for unemployed people with insurance, 5.57.79 Temporary labor market scheme and cash benefit scheme, 5.58.80 Rehabilitation, 5.58.81 Supplements to the salary to people in flexjobs and people in salery-supplement positions, 5.58.82 Ressource activation and job clarification program, 5.58.83 Unemployment benefit, 5.68.90 Current expenditure for municipal employment initiatives, 5.68.91 Job rotation prior to 2015 (until 2021 - employment initiatives for unemployed people with insurance), 5.68.93 Job centers, 5.68.94 Supplements to the salary and until 2012 pilot job centers, 5.68.95 Salary for insured unemployed persons and persons under the special education scheme, temporary employment benefit scheme or entitlement to cash benefits employed in municipalities, 5.68.96 Service jobs, 5.68.97 Senior jobs to persons over 55 years of age, 5.68.98 Employment arragements, 5.72.99 Voluntary social work and other social purposes, 6.42.40 Joint purpose (Political organisation), 6.42.41 Members of the board of directors in the municipalities, 6.42.42 Commissions, counsels and boards, 6.42.43 Election etc., 6.45.50 Administration buildings, 6.45.51 General offices and management, 6.45.52 Shared IT and telephony, 6.45.53 Job centers, 6.45.54 Protection of nature, 6.45.55 Protection of the environment, 6.45.56 Processing of construction work permissions, 6.45.57 The adult, elder, and disabled area, 6.45.58 The specialised childrens area, 6.45.59 Administrative contribution to Udbetaling Danmark, 6.48.60 Other revenues and expenditures according to a variety of laws, 6.48.61 Growth forums, 6.48.62 Tourism, 6.48.63 Development of human resources, 6.48.66 Innovation and new technology, 6.48.67 Guidance and Business Development, 6.48.68 Development of outer- and farm-district areas, 6.52.70 Salary pool and maternity leave, 6.52.71 Payment for Employees Holiday Funds, 6.52.72 Pension concerning public servants, 6.52.74 Internal insurance funds, 6.52.76 General reserves, 7.22.00 Interests of liquide assets, 7.28.00 Interests of other short-term assets, 7.32.00 Interests of long-term assets, 7.35.00 Interest on disbursements regarding utilities and intermediaries with corporations, 7.50.00 Interests of short-term debt to banks, 7.51.00 Interests of short-term debt to the state, 7.52.00 Interests of short-term debt to others, 7.55.00 Interests of long-term debt, 7.58.00 Capital losses and capital gains, etc., 7.62.80 Equalization and general grants, 7.62.81 Equalization and grants concerning foreigners, 7.62.82 The municipalities grants to the regions, 7.62.85 Sector specific equalization arrangements, 7.62.86 Special grants, 7.65.87 Reimbursement of VAT, 7.68.90 The municipalities income taxes, 7.68.92 Taxes from the industry, 7.68.93 Other taxes from certain income, 7.68.94 Land tax, 7.68.95 Other taxes on real estate, 7.68.96 Other taxes, 8.22.00 Changes in liquide assets, 8.25.00 Changes in assets with the state, 8.28.00 Changes in other short-term assets, 8.32.00 Changes in long-term assets, 8.35.00 Intermediate with company-made utilities, 8.38.00 Changes in assets concerning amounts to collection after payment to others, 8.42.00 Changes in assets belonging to funds, foundations ect., 8.45.00 Changes in liabilities belonging to funds, foundations ect., 8.48.00 Changes in liabilities concerning amounts to collection after payment to others, 8.50.00 Changes in short-term debt to banks, 8.51.00 Changes in short-term debt to the state, 8.52.00 Changes in other short-term debt, 8.55.00 Changes in long-term debt, 8.58.00 Tangible structure assets, 8.62.00 Intangible structure assets, 8.65.00 Current assets - Stocks, 8.68.00 Current assets - Structures for sale, 8.72.00 Saved liability, 8.75.00 Equity

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