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Statistics Denmark's press and media policy

The press and media policy sets the framework for Statistics Denmark’s cooperation with the media and our approach to working with the press. It must ensure that Statistics Denmark’s relations and contact with the media is professional and in keeping with the fundamental principles of the organisation.


Statistics Denmark is a transparent, accessible and communicating institution, and the press is one of our key stakeholders.

Therefore, we will build and maintain good relations with the press by offering professional high quality service. This applies when we disseminate new sets of statistics, when we approach the press, and when the press contacts us.


We will maintain and extend our trustworthiness by giving the press easy access to relevant and correct statistics. If we are unable to do so, we explain why.


As a general rule, the employee most familiar with the subject is the spokesperson. 


We help the press as soon as possible. We answer any enquiry during regular working hours as soon as possible and preferably on the same day. If we are unable to answer the request on the same day, we communicate this.


We aim to make it quick and easy to get in touch with the right employee during working hours. Outside working hours, the press can get in touch with the head of communication or the head of press, who will estimate the possibilities for further contact.

User focus

We provide the same high level of service to all journalists regardless of the type of media, and we are mindful of the conditions under which journalists operate - including deadlines. We aim to see the potential and relevant stories in what we are working with and communicate clearly with an eye for the receiver.

Contact with the press

In principle, all employees can speak to the press about their own area of expertise.

Employees of Statistics Denmark do not offer any opinion, we contribute only facts and put them into perspective. Nor do we comment on the data of other institutions.

Publication of statistics

Statistics Denmark uses various channels to publish statistics, including tables in Statbank Denmark, the news series ‘Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik’ and different types of publications etc. The planned release time appears from the list of scheduled releases.

Statistics Denmark does not release statistics to the media or anyone else prior to the release time – nor in the form of content provided with a clause.

Special data extractions

We send supplementary numbers and data extractions to the press free of charge, provided that it is already available in the statistical division or can be obtained within four working hours, and provided that the task in general can be accommodated within the daily work. 

Errors and source references

If Statistics Denmark becomes aware of incorrect or misinterpreted mention of our statistics in the press or elsewhere, we contact the relevant media immediately. We also respond if a media uses our statistics without acknowledging Statistics Denmark.

Statistics Denmark is independent of political and other interests, and we aim to present our statistics in a neutral way. Sometimes media, researchers or analysts select, combine or present our data in a way that is different from ours. Sometimes they also do graphics work based on our data. As long as the use of the data is not misleading, Statistics Denmark can still be indicated as a source. If there are other sources than Statistics Denmark for e.g. a chart or a table, we want the other sources to be indicated as well.

If the media process our data, e.g. by combining new concepts or classifications, it must be stated that the data has been processed, e.g. by writing “Source: Own calculations based on data from Statistics Denmark”. This also applies when researchers or analysts have processed data from Statistics Denmark and receive press coverage.

The principles for source references are the same for publicly available data as for data purchased from or compiled via Statistics Denmark.

Handling of errors

Occasionally, we make errors or detect omissions in our products. In this event, we correct the statistics immediately and are transparent about it.

Competence enhancement

We regularly make presentations to journalists to introduce them to using our statistics. Journalists are welcome to contact us for an introduction.

We collaborate with the education programmes in journalism in Odense, Aarhus and Roskilde. We introduce the students to Statistics Denmark in general, how to find stories in the statistics as a journalist and how to avoid common pitfalls.