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How big is the problem of bullying among children and adults?

Note: Below, we provide links to Statistics Denmark and others who make statistics on the subject. In some instances, the sources referred to below have content in Danish only or limited content in English.

Bullying among children

DCUM (Dansk Center for Undervisningsmiljø) is a teaching environment centre that has made several surveys on the well-being of and bullying among schoolchildren (in Danish).

Each year, the Ministry of Children and Education initiates national satisfaction surveys (in Danish) in schools of primary and lower secondary education.

The National Institute of Public Health is in charge of The School Children Survey, which is the Danish contribution to the international survey of Health Behaviour in School-aged Children Study (HBSC). The survey includes information on e.g. the well-being, social relations and bullying among children.


The National Council for Children has conducted several surveys on cyberbullying (in Danish).

DCUM (Dansk Center for Undervisningsmiljø) has also carried out a survey (in Danish) among students in 7th-9th form on their experiences with cyberbullying (2016).

Adult bullying

In 2021, VIVE - the Danish Center for Social Science Research - released a report on the extent of offensive actions and conflicts in the Danish labour market – "En undersøgelse af omfanget af krænkende handlinger og konflikter på det danske arbejdsmarked“ (in Danish). In addition to bullying, the report also has findings regarding conflicts, sexual harassment, violence and threats.

The National Research Centre for the Working Environment makes surveys on working environment and occupational health in Denmark – Arbejdsmiljø og helbred i Danmark (in Danish), which include questions about violence, threats, bullying and sexual harassment.

In 2019, SSI and University of Aalborg published the report "Sex i Danmark“ (in Danish), in which a section of the report focuses on the amount of people who have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.


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