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Statistics Denmarks library

The library of Statistics Denmark has historical statistics from Denmark – and from practically all over the world

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Since 1850, the library has been building Denmark’s most comprehensive collection of statistics, and this whole mine of data is also available to you – whether you are a scientist, student, journalist or a citizen taking a general interest. Open the entries below to see more of what we have.


Statistics on Denmark

The library has all the material published by Statistics Denmark – as well by the predecessors of the institution. The oldest publication is from 1835 and holds results from the population censuses in 1801 and 1834.

Population censuses, population movements and mortality as well as information about landed property, shipping and international trade are among the very first sets of statistics.

Many of the historic publications from Statistics Denmark have been scanned and can be downloaded in pdf-format from the pages Historiske publikationsserier and Publikationer.

The library also has historical publications from other Danish producers of statistics – such as

  • Det Kgl. Sundheds-kollegium (predecessor of the Danish Health Authority)
  • The Royal Danish Agricultural Society
  • The Danish Ministry of Education
  • Confederation of Danish Employers

You can access the old publications in the library reading room and, in most cases, it is also possible to borrow them.

Statistics from all over the world

The library’s collections of statistics on other countries is extensive and varied. For example, we have hundred-year-old statistical yearbooks from countries such as Germany, Egypt and Venezuela, as well as statistics from countries that no longer exist, such as Czechoslovakia.

The oldest series of statistics are from and about Central European and North American countries and go back to the mid-nineteenth century. These publications allow you to follow the birth of nations. Our collection of statistics from and on countries all over the world is the result of former exchange agreements with statistical libraries of other countries. As a result, we have publications from more or less all countries’ statistical agencies – and many statistical publications on the countries of six continents. Europe, Asia, Oceania, North and South America as well as Africa.

The most common subjects are population, trade, agriculture and of course general yearbooks across subjects. There are also more country-specific publications, such as yearbooks on the USA’s cotton and tobacco statistics.

You can access the old publications in the library reading room and, in most cases, it is also possible to borrow them.

Statistics from international organisations (such as the UN, OECD and Eurostat) – and from foreign publishers

The library has historical, statistical publications from a number of international organisations, which were established in the wake of World War II. It concerns publications from the UN and affiliated organisations as well as the OECD, IMF, World Bank and Eurostat. Examples of long time series:

  • UN: "Population and vital statistics report" (1949-2013)
  • IMF: "International financial statistics" (1948-2010)
  • International Tea Committee: "Annual Bulletin of Statistics" (1946 onwards)

  • Other types of publications

    The library also has publications from foreign publishers. The focus is on scientific literature in mathematics, statistics, economics and social sciences, which has been used by employees of Statistics Denmark. You can access the old publications in the library reading room and, in most cases, it is also possible to borrow them.
    Registration of new user, lending rules and loan period

    You can write to us if you have questions or need help finding statistics.

    You can borrow materials from us through your local public library in Denmark. Or you can come and visit us and borrow directly from us. If you want to borrow materials, you need to register as a user – with your name, address, email, mobile number and civil registration number. You can use your national health insurance card or other valid ID (driving licence, student ID card or passport) as due proof of identity.

    You can see our materials in the library reading room without registering as a user. Most of our materials are in our storage vaults. This means that any material that you wish to borrow or review has to be ordered before 3 p.m. the day before your visit.

    Address and email

    You can write to us at – or use the filling form.

    If you want to visit us, please write us to make an appointment.

    We are located at: Sankt Kjelds Plads 11, 2100 Copenhagen Ø.

    How we store your personal information

    On Statistics Denmark’s page on Privacy policy you can read more about how we process information about you when you have registered as a user/borrower. You can be deleted as a user/borrower at any time, if you wish. In that case, please contact us at

    History of the library

    Statistics Denmark's Library is the main Danish library of descriptive statistics, which means that we have the best and most comprehensive collection of statistics in Denmark. The library is open to the public.

    The library was founded in 1850 and so it follows the History of Statistics Denmark. The library has received government grants since it was founded.

    How you find the materials

    Online library catalogue

    Here you can search for all publications from Statistics Denmark and the institution’s predecessors. Other publications from 1996 onwards are also available here.

    Card catalogue

    Most of the publications from before 1996 that were not published by Statistics Denmark are only registered in an old-school card catalogue and can be accessed with the assistance of Information Service and Library.


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