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Statistics based on roads and addresses

landevej og marker

Reach your target audience with statistics on roads and addresses

This product allows you to rank roads or streets in a particular geographical area according to where you are most likely to hit a specific audience.

Get assistance selecting roads

The product is designed for those who want to reach a specific target group, for example in connection with marketing or other promotional activities. For example, if your company manufactures child bike seats, then this product will help you to only distribute advertising matter on the roads where there is a high proportion of families with at least one child under four years.

Multiple options

You can rank the roads or streets in many different ways, for example after the following variables:

  • household income
  • educational level
  • age or sex

Combine information

You can also combine the different variables in order to reach exactly the target audience of your interest. Again, if you sell child bike seats at the high end of the market, you can combine the number of families with at least one child under four with a level of household income.

Roads are ranked based on statistics

All households are first divided into smaller groups according to the type of road where they are located and, if relevant, according to the type of house. Subsequently, households are grouped into clusters or groups of at least 400 households, which then form the basis for statistics, e.g. household income in intervals. The clusters of households can be formed in three different ways in increasing detail and thus also in precision.

The level of detail is also reflected in the price. You can read more about how we create household clusters here:


Prices per variable vary between approx. DKK 10,000 for the simplest ranking for one municipality to approx. DKK 70,000 for the most detailed variant for the entire country. See the detailed price list here:


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