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The Enterprise Package

containere på front af skib

Get An overview of Denmark’s imports and exports of goods 

The Enterprise Package is a standard solution specifically suited for private companies wishing to follow the foreign trade in certain goods. It may be items that you already deal with or goods you intend to import or export in future.

Identify opportunities and challenges

The starting point of the package is the products you wish to map. The actual list shows how much is imported and exported of a particular product and to and from which countries the product is imported and exported. The list contains both figures for the quantity and the value.

You can use the product as a tool for analysis, e.g. if you want to:

  • Identify potential export opportunities
  • Know how much of a particular product is imported into the domestic market
  • Find economic growth areas for particular products

Content and documentation

Data are based on extracts from Statistics Denmark's table KN8MEST. and contains monthly, quarterly and yearly figure. The figures are summed up by quarters and years, but since data for the past month only include trade with Extrastat countries, the most recent quarter and year are incomplete. The price per kg is a calculated value and if a unit other than kg occurs, then that price per unit is also calculated. Below you can see an example of a delivery.

The reported information from Intrastat and Extrastat is detected for errors in several stages before the figures are ready to be published (see more under the documentation below, section 3.4 data validation). At the aggregate level, the reliability of the final statistics is relatively high. At the detailed product / country level, reliability is also high for trade with non-EU countries (Extrastat), while it is relatively lower for trade with EU countries (Intrastat) (read more under point 5 in the documentation).

Date of publication
Aggregate statistics for selected countries and country groups as well as aggregate product groups are published monthly 40 days after the end of the reference period. The detailed statistics are published 70 days after the end of the reference period.

Revisions of the figures
All months in the reference year are revised when published, up to and including June the following year. Revision of the figures is then closed for one year. The figures will be revised again yearly in June the following two years. This means that final figures for foreign trade in goods are published approx. 2½ years after the end of the statistical year. This auditing practice is coordinated with the Balance of Payments and the National Accounts.

You can find more information about publishing the preliminary and final figures under pkt. 6 in the documentation.

Read the documentation and more about the content of the foreign trade statistics here.


Depends on the number of product codes you want data for. Prices range from DKK 2,921 excl. VAT (DKK 3,651.25 incl. VAT) for 1-8 product codes to DKK 37,394 excl. VAT (DKK 46,752.50 incl. VAT) for more than 200 product codes. Prices are covering data delivery for a full calendar year. The package contains monthly, quarterly and yearly figures.


You will receive the tables once a month in Excel and we will send them by e-mail. The package contains monthly, quarterly and yearly figures. The first delivery (January figures) takes place in March. The December figures for the subscription year will be delivered in February of the following year. If you start a subscription in eg. August, you will receive figures for the part of the year that has passed (+ the year before) in the first delivery and then figures for one new month each month, until the last figures for the calendar year/reference year have been received. 


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Please note that by ordering you accept Statistics Denmark's General Terms and Conditions of Agreements


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It is also possible to combine the tables with other variables or have them combined in a different way than in our standard tables. Read more about our tailor-made solutions or send an email to our consultants at DST Consulting.


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