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Data from Statistics Denmark

Statistics Denmark has collected a large number of historical register data in a basic databank in Research Service. The registers are updated at least once a year when Statistics Denmark has published the statistics based on the registers. The overview below shows the registers in the Research Service. Variables in the individual registers can be retrieved from the overview. Documentation of the variables can be found in Statistics Denmark’s documentation system.

Overview of registers and variables

The Data Warehouse for Business Statistics

From January 2024, Statistics Denmark will be launching the new Data Warehouse for Business Statistics. The new version widens and improves the access to anonymized enterprise microdata and gives researchers access to unique data by new ways of linking data across a number of statistical registers. It also facilitates the linking of business and social statistics at micro level, the so-called Linked Employer-Employee Data (LEED).

Read more about the new Data Warehouse for Business Statistics

Contact Research Services for acces

Special rules for business data

Special rules apply to access to business data in Statistics Denmark. Access depends on the type of business data as well as on the type of institution and user. For some types of business data, there is limited access for some institutional and user types. In some cases, it is possible to apply for a exemption.

Read more about Business Data

Use of external data

If you need to link data material that is not part of Statistics Denmark’s register data to your research project e.g. extraction from registers found outside Statistics Denmark or your own survey information, this is also possible. All you have to do is deliver data securely to Statistics Denmark.

Read more about submitting your own data

Data from other statistical authorities

Statistics Denmark has entered into an agreement with other statistical authorities to give statistical and scientific studies access to their data through the Research Service. See what data you can access here:

Data from other statistical authorities


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