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Prices and products


ADAM is offered on a yearly subscription basis in two types of agreements.

"Subscription for structural analysis" is yearly subscription including a smooth outline scenario of the danish economy covering a long range of years (at least 20 years). The subscriber receives the scenario and the data bank once a year.

"Subscription for business surveillance" is similar, but in addition the subscribtion includes reference scenarios covering 7-8 years ahead, by and large equivalent to the most recent forecast from the ministries of economic affairs and finance. The subscriber receives such scenarios twice a year, and updated versions of the data bank three times a year. For an additional fee, the subscriber can require the detailed scenario from the publication Finansredegorelsen from the ministry of finance.

In addition, the subscriptions include documentation, pre- and postmodels for more detailed purposes, working papers and to a certain extend help getting started with ADAM. In addition, new subscriptions include a free introductory course.

It is also possible to subscribe only to the ADAM databank. This comes in a subscription with 3 data banks yearly. The banks can also be bought separately.

Introductory course

ADAM is a large model, and optimal use of ADAM requires that the user has an economic background and is willing to set aside sufficient amount of time to get aquainted with the structure and function of the model.

The modelling unit offers introductory courses in the use of ADAM and, in general, support for the use of ADAM. Courses are offered 1-3 times per year.


The modelling unit offers to carry out computations on the basis of any customers specifications, provided that the computations can be carried out on proper professional grounds.

Price list (Danish only)

In addition a fee covering time spent, copying, fax, disk etc. according to the general prices of Statistics Denmark.


According to general prices per man-hour of Statistics Denmark (Danish only).
If ADAM is used to carry out the services in question an extra fee can be added.

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Economic models


Adam - a model of Danish economy

The publication describes ADAM (Annual Danish Aggregate Model), which is an economic model of the Danish economy.

ADAM - a model of the Danish economy

ADAM - a model of the Danish economy