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About ADAM's data bank

The ADAM data bank contains more than 3000 economic key figures on an annual basis, and it is the only data bank extending the figures back to 1966. Since the data is used for estimation, all series have been corrected for definitional changes etc. in the published figures.
The data bank covers the following areas:

  • National accounts
    • Consumption and investment
    • Production and employment by industries
    • Foreign trade
    • Prices
    • Input-output tables 
  • Labour market 
  • General government finance
    • Direct taxes
    • Indirect taxes
    • Income transfers to households
  • Financial variables
    • Interes rates
    • Bond market
    • Money market

The data bank is forwarded by email 3 times a year, and in different file formats, which can be applied directly to AREMOS, SAS and EXCEL.

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Economic Models


Phone: +45 39 17 32 01

Adam - a model of Danish economy

The publication describes ADAM (Annual Danish Aggregate Model), which is an economic model of the Danish economy.

ADAM - a model of the Danish economy

ADAM - a model of the Danish economy