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Scheduled Releases


Statistics Denmark aims to maintain production and communication to the greatest extent possible. In the circumstances of COVID-19, however, we are unable to guarantee observance of the announced releases of newsletters (Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik), Statbank Denmark tables and other publications. We hope our users will understand the situation.

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6 results
Date Time Type Title Subsubject Period Confirmed
08‑12‑2020 08:00 News Job Vacancy Statistics Job vacancies 3 quarter 2020 Yes
10‑12‑2020 08:00 News Assets and liabilitiest Family distributed assets and liabilities 2019 Yes
15‑12‑2020 08:00 News Working time account Working time accounts 3 quarter 2020 Yes
21‑12‑2020 08:00 News Employees statistics (monthly) Employees Oktober 2020 No
21‑12‑2020 08:00 News Public employment statistics (quarterly) Public sector employment 3 quarter 2020 No
22‑12‑2020 08:00 News Labour costs in the EU and USA Labour costs 3 quarter 2020 No


Delayed releases