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Strategy 2025

The strategy charts the course for Statistics Denmark’s development towards 2025 and sets the main priorities for our work.

Statistics Denmark is the national supplier of independent statistics and data to society. The vision of our activities in the years ahead is to be the preferred source of reliable knowledge on Danish society.

The areas of action in the strategy are organised into three main subjects: Statistics, data and organisation. Nine strategic objectives support the areas of action and are the cornerstones of Statistics Denmark’s development towards 2025. Three objectives focus on our statistics, another three on our data and the final three on our development as an organisation. The strategic efforts to meet the objectives will be unfolded in our annual work plans.

Our values guide us in our everyday conduct and reflect how we see ourselves and our role in society. These are: trustworthiness, transparency, user focus, ability to change and data accountability.

The Supervisory Board of Statistics Denmark approved Strategy 2025 on 6 December 2021.


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Strategy 2025


ISBN pdf: 978-87-501-2395-8
Released: 19 January 2022 08:00
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