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Banks and morgage-credit

The statistics present information of deposits and loans for banks and mortgage credit institutions, for e.g. Danish households and companies. In addition, the statistics provide an overall overview of the MFI sector's balance sheet (financial assets and liabilities). In addition to banks and mortgage-credit institutes, the MFI sector also includes other credit institutions, money market associations and Danmarks Nationalbank. In addition to the MFI sector's balance sheet, Danmarks Nationalbank's Lending Survey is also included, which is a quarterly qualitative survey of the largest banks 'and mortgage-credit institutes' lending to corporate and private customers and deals with the development in the sector's credit standards, write-downs and losses as well as loan demand from new and existing customers, etc.


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Documentation of statistics

Get an overview of the purpose, content and quality of the statistics. Here you can find information on the sources that the statistics are derived from, what the statistics contains and how often it is published.

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