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Sectores ESA2010 v.1.0


Sectores ESA2010 v.1.0


A number of statistics from Statistics Denmark show sectoral figures. These are primarily statistics on the national accounts and public finances, as well as labor markets and wage statistics. The sector code is used to group devices in some overarching sectors, each collecting devices with the same characteristics based on their primary activity.

The sector code divides the economy into six sectors:

  • Non-financial corporations
  • Financial corporations
  • General government
  • Households
  • Nonprofit institutions serving households
  • Rest of the world

The sectoral distribution is based on the European sector classification, defined in the European System of Accounts manual (ESA 2010). This classification is consistent with the International Sector Classification defined in the System of National Accounts 2008 (SNA 2008).


Government Finances


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