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Statistical presentation

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Science, Technology and Culture, Business Statistics
Christian Törnfelt
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Zoological gardens

Visitors and yearly opening hours to the different types of zoos and each individual zoo, aquarium and botanical garden. The statistics have been revised in 2016

Data description

The statistics show the number of zoos and botanical plants, their visits and annual opening hours. In addition, if the facility receives state aid or not.

Classification system

Not relevant for these statistics.

Sector coverage


Statistical concepts and definitions

Visitors: The visitors are persons who physically visited the zoo / botanical garden. It is not decisive whether the ticket has been issued in connection with visits. If there are systematically record of number of visitors, provide an estimate. Number of visitors is calculated in visitors in total and children / young people under 18 with and without learning content.

Opening hours: Annual opening hours.

Zootypes: It distinguishes between three types of zoos:

  • zoo which is state-subsidized according to the zoo-law
  • Other state-supported
  • Non-state-supported

Statistical unit

Number of visitors. Number of zoos number of yearly opening hours.

Statistical population

The population is botanical and zoological gardens and nature reserves.

Reference area


Time coverage

From 2016.

Base period

Not relevant for these statistics

Unit of measure

  • Number of visits
  • Number of zoos and botanical gardens

Reference period

The statistics are compiled for the calendar year.

Frequency of dissemination


Legal acts and other agreements


Cost and burden

The cost burden is not measured.