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Zoological gardens

Data over time can be compared for state-supported zoos from 1984 until today, while for non-state-supported gardens and facilities there is a small data breach in 2010 and 2016. For zoos and aquariums with other state subsidies and those that are not subsidized by the state, there can be a variation in e.g. visitor numbers, etc., which is due to composition effects. That is it is not necessarily the same or the same number of zoos and aquariums that are included in the population or report to the statistics each year. Therefore, comparisons over time for zoos with other state subsidies and state subsidies should be made with caution.

Comparability - geographical

There are not known to internationally comparable figures in the field.

Comparability over time

Comparability concerning number of visitors is possible from 1984 onwards at the level of the individual zoo, aquarium and botanical garden.

Coherence - cross domain

Museum statistics also measures the number of visitors and the annual opening hours, but no comparisons between these statistics is made.

Coherence - internal

Not relevant for these statistics