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Transport of goods by road

The purpose of the statistics on goods transport by road by Danish vehicles is to monitor the vehicle-kilometer, tones-kilometer and transported goods by national and international freight.

Before 4th quarter of 2009 the statistics were compiled separately in national transport (within Denmark) and international transport (part or all of the journeys done outside Denmark). Since 4th quarter 2009 national and international transport has been joined in one common statistics with one data collecting.

Statistical presentation

The statistics cover transport with goods by Danish registered goods road vehicles on a quarterly basis.

The main variables are data on the vehicle, vehicle-kilometers, place of loading and unloading (by provinces), weight of goods, type of goods, kilometers driven, tonnes-kilometer and empty journeys.

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Statistical processing

Data are collected from a sample of road goods vehicles using the Danish register of motor vehicles as sample frame. Annually, approximately 8,000 vehicles are sampled.

The collected data are validated with respect to the correctness of reported data and data consistency.

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The statistics are used widely by business associations, news media, consultancies and ministries.

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Accuracy and reliability

The uncertainty in the statistics are considerable, especially in subdivisions and international journeys. The results may be biased due to false reports of stand stills, i.e. the vehicle is falsely reported not to perform transport in the surveyed week.

Statistics are not revised significantly after the first, preliminary figures.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics are published around 78 days after the reference quarter without delays compared to the announced time.

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Eurostat publishes EU and EFTA member states compilation of road freight statistics. These statistics are compiled base don common EU-legislation and guidelines.

The present time series has been compiled in its present form since 4th quarter 2009. Before this time national and international transport were compiled in separate statistics.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistics are published quarterly in Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik and all data are available online in

Selected tables are published in Statistical 10-year Review.

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