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Population and Education, Social Statistics
Susanne Mainz Sørensen
+45 3917 3394

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The Student Registre

The register is obvious to illuminate the entrance to and departure from the ordinary education system as well as student flows in it and forms the basis for many of the education tables in Statistic Denmark's databank.

User Needs

Users are many and varied. The register forms the basis for many of the education tables in Statistic Denmark database and is often used in connection with external service tasks ordered by the government, research institutions, NGOs, private companies, individuals, and not least to inquiries from the press.

User Satisfaction

In working with the education statistics the users are involved as much as possible. Some users can be instrumental in ensuring that the data from the schools have a high quality. Other users can provide inspiration for new statistics and analysis. Finally, we try to get inspiration for the development of methods and models that can contribute to the continued development and improvement of statistics through users.

Data completeness rate

The register contains information about all ordinary full-time education in Denmark.