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Population and Education, Social Statistics
Susanne Mainz Sørensen
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The Student Registre

The information contained in the student register starts in 1973 and comparability over time is good. Basic school includes only grade 8-10. up to the school year 2005/06. From 2007 preschool through 7th grade is included.

Comparability - geographical

The Student Register forms the basis of data in the publication "Education at a Glance" with international comparisons of entrance to and graduations from the education system.

Comparability over time

The possibility for comparisons over time is good. When an education changes level, it is allocated with a new UDD and AUDD code but both the old and the new codes will be classified on the new level. You will not have to search the policeman different places in classification although the education for police officer has evolved and changed level. Police officers with the shorter education are lifted up - a police officer is a police officer. When an education changes level in the classification system, e.g. from a short cycle higher education to a medium cycle higher education the number of students in short cycle higher education will decrease and the number of students in medium cycle higher education will increase. This has an impact on the comparison with previously published figures.

The student register was extended to include data on preschool through 7th grade from school year 2006- 2007.

Coherence - cross domain

There are no comparable statistics in Denmark.

Coherence - internal

All data sources are considered to have the same high quality.