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Accuracy and reliability

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Government Finance
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The Public Sector Finances

Full coverage of all industries is obtained by conducting a yearly check of the population in relation to a variety of sources. Accounting information is obtained from central and local government accounts and furthermore from questionnaires. Some accounting information is adjusted to the terminology used in the national accounts system and therefore deviates from normal accounting conventions. Furthermore, public corporations may use different methods of accounting. Accounting data entered wrongly are also a source of error, which is minimized by comparison with information from the previous year.

Overall accuracy

The overall accuracy is considered high since input data covers 100 pct. of the population and since the data is revised by an independent institution.

Sampling error

Not relevant for these statistics.

Non-sampling error

The input data covers the whole population but some new public corporations of lesser economic importance are included with a year delay.

Quality management

Statistics Denmark follows the recommendations on organisation and management of quality given in the Code of Practice for European Statistics (CoP) and the implementation guidelines given in the Quality Assurance Framework of the European Statistical System (QAF). A Working Group on Quality and a central quality assurance function have been established to continuously carry through control of products and processes.

Quality assurance

Statistics Denmark follows the principles in the Code of Practice for European Statistics (CoP) and uses the Quality Assurance Framework of the European Statistical System (QAF) for the implementation of the principles. This involves continuous decentralized and central control of products and processes based on documentation following international standards. The central quality assurance function reports to the Working Group on Quality. Reports include suggestions for improvement that are assessed, decided and subsequently implemented.

Quality assessment

This statistics is based on final account information from the government institutions and public corporations included in the statistic. The quality of the statistic is therefore high. Reasons for errors could be because of errors in the account material, errors in the classification of transactions and finally lack of new entities in the population. All these possible reasons for errors has historical been quite small with no significant impact on the figures.

Data revision - policy

Statistics Denmark revises published figures in accordance with the Revision Policy for Statistics Denmark. The common procedures and principles of the Revision Policy are for some statistics supplemented by a specific revision practice.

Data revision practice

The figures for the latest two years are provisional, but the difference between provisional and final figures are small.